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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Welcome to World on a Platter

Welcome! This blog is dedicated to the memory of my mom who started a catering business in the late 70's. It was called "World on a Platter" hence the name of this blog. At the time, I wasn't a foodie. In fact, I was a pretty picky eater. It wasn't until I left my mother's amazing cooking that I started exploring the wonderful world of food. Now, most people would call me an adventurous eater, and a very serious cook.

I love to cook and I love to try new recipes. I love to tweek recipes. This is a place for the recipes I've found that are worthy and to give advice on making recipes better. Just because it's published somewhere, doesn't mean it works!

I will also use this space to comment on food, from products I like (or don't like) to the broader issues in food such as eating local and slow food.

But, mostly this is about recipes that I love. I hope you enjoy them too!