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Saturday, March 24, 2012

What do you do with that leftover corned beef?

OK, I'm running a bit late on this one since St. Patrick's Day and that corned beef dinner was a week ago. But, you can make this with a hunk of cooked corned beef from the deli and it's just as good. This also gives me the chance to say what a great thing hash is - one of the best ways to clean out odds and ends in your fridge (soup is another great depository for them).

Traditionally, corned beef hash is made with white potatoes. Very fitting, seeing as the white potato nourished millions of Irish until the potato famine came along. We really love sweet potatoes in this house and I thought the sweeter flavor would be a nice counterpoint to the salty corned beef. And a recipe was born.

Hash is one of recipes that you can make up on the fly with whatever bits and pieces you have in your fridge. Leftover chicken, leftover potatoes, leftover veggies - together they make hash. I know my friend Deb is nodding her head while she reads this.

Sweet Potato Corned Beef Hash
(serves 4-6)